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Welcome Fellow Beaders

Making jewellery with tiny glass beads in geometric forms are my real passion.
I am a self taught beader and have had many an opportunity to say to myself
“I wonder what would happen if I deviate and do it this way”
Happily with this outlook, my love of geometric shapes and versatility within a piece of jewellery led me to discovering an original technique that achieves both of my goals.
My diagonal, tubular, peyote variation led me to designing and writing a pattern for Reversible ZigZag Bangle which was my first pattern to be published in Bead and Button

zigzag combox3

I have had so much fun making these Zig Zag bangles that I havent been able to stop for some time. The colour combinations available and the reversible nature of my design keep me looking back and forth to my wardrobe Lol.

But ideas for new designs are calling to me and I have again been wondering ‘What If


If you would like to make your own ZIG ZAG Bangle the pattern is now available. So please CLICK HERE

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is another of my original design patterns accepted by Bead and Button, a lovely Reversible Waves necklace using a combination of delicas and seed beads. With this design the choice of beads and technique allows the bead work to curve making it perfect for a two sided collar.

reversible waves necklace1 reversible waves necklace closeup

If you would like to make your own Reversible Waves Necklace the pattern is now available. So please CLICK HERE

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Reversible Diamond Bangle is next in the series of my original design patterns and and has made it to the cover of  Bead and Button Magazine which I am absolutely thrilled about. It is another design within the theme of reversible and has an ingenious start up even if I do say so myself, another one of those “What if moments?”

reversible diamond bangle1x3
cover b&b rev diamond x2
reversible diamond bangle2x3

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Celtic Knot Ear Rings, using my variation of tubular peyote and just two colours of delica beads. One Celtic Knot would make a great pendant or a focal point for a bracelet.

celtic bnb earrings x3

If you would like to make your own Celtic Knot Earrings the pattern is now available. So please CLICK HERE

celtic knot earrings3x3

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Reversible Cross Pendant is my most recent pattern published, using my variation of tubular peyote with four colours of delica beads.

with cord5
cross silver side small

If you would like to make your own Reversible Cross Pendant, the pattern is now available. So please CLICK HERE

Bead Designs

Stay tuned for more designs and availability of new patterns in the near future!
Happy beading - Sue :)

Brickstitch Diamond Red

Brickstitch Diamond Blue

Brickstitch Diamond lemon zest

Deco Gold Earrings

Deco Serpent Earrings

Deco Silver Earrings

abstraction No1

ardleigh reversible zigzag bracelet

arrowhead earrings

arrowhead red earrings

black orchid necklace

blue star earrings

bracelet reversible electric

catherine wheel earrings blue and gold

catherine wheel earrings red and gold

choker wood nymph

coffs harbour

cross pendant

cubist bracelet1

cubist earrings

deco square earrings

earrings small absract1

eye of the tiger necklace

hot paprika necklace

indigo spiral neckpiece

kaleidoscope necklace

milky way necklace

onward christian soldiers choker

rock pool necklace

rockpool starfish earrings

serpent zigzag collar

squarestitch snake

starfish series

tree snake bangle1

tree snake bangle2

triangle box blue gray1

triangle box teracota

crochet rope

starfish necklace gold and black

consignment earings artisan craw chain and swarovski and onyx pendant
Black and white Deco diamond ear rings

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